__kat__ (__kat__) wrote,

Eclectic jumble

The following is a list of random things that have happened to me, I have done, or have been running through my head for the last few weeks in no particular order or relevance to each other.

I spent most of Labor Day weekend cleaning my room but it still needs work.
I put in to work at Necropolis, a local haunted house, again this year.
I have been wiped out the last few days, just another sign that I am getting older.
I'm going to the Ohio Renn Faire the weekend of October 3rd.
While cleaning my room I have yet to find my card reader so I can take pictures off of my camera.
In retrospect, I was probably a really annoying child.
I am concidering trying to drive to Chicago from south of Dayton (Renn Faire) so I can make the showing of Repo on Oct. 3rd but I think that is a recipe for me falling asleep while driving up I-65.
I have lost my momentum for looking for a new job and I need to get it back.
I need to figure out a way to meet new people with similar interests that doesn't involve going to a bar.
I miss having clear sinuses.
Eggplant is tasty.
I want to go back to the St. Louis City Museum soon, maybe the weekend after next.
9 was visually stunning with a decent story but the last few minutes were a little sappy for my taste.
My 1yr old nephew is adorable.
I want to move and leave all of my BS emotional baggage behind.
I am impressed with the quantity of special features on the dvds for Criminal Minds season 4 but I am disappointed with the lack of episode commentaries (again).
Happy birthday Jane!
My body is screaming at me to consume protein, I want to eat half of a cow and sleep for two days.
I still need to work on coming up with a way to have my scary make-up be edible so I can peel it off and eat it to freak out people in the haunted house.
I really need to make some more Fruity Oaty Bars but first I need to get more foil so I can wrap them.
The kilt-trooper (Stormtrooper with a kilt) is the mullet of cosplay; business on the top, party on the bottom.

It's like skipping stones across my stream of consciousnesses. Yeah, I think that'll do for now.

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