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Otakon report of lateness

Was last weekend so I guess it's about time I put together some sort of con report.

I started the festivities early by convincing Elf, her brother, and her sister to come down a night early to go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. I managed to costume the three of them with things I had around the house (plus my own costume). I was disappointed that there were no Snapes to "bother" oh well.

The trip ended up being about 4 hours longer than originally expected due to some miscalculations on the driving time and several areas of construction. I got to pet a cinnamon black bear at a rest stop in Pennsylvania. It had been preserved and you were allowed to touch it. This made for at least an our of silly fun texting back and forth to the people we were staying with (Bleleleble). We left my house at a bit before 10:30 am and arrived in Baltimore just after 10pm. Just in time for me to hop into the registration line before it closed for the night. I got my badge and got to say hello to friends old and new before crashing out for the night.

I spent most of the day wandering around in my Death Eater costume. I had thrown it together for Elf on Tuesday. Since it didn't take up that much space and I like it, I brought it along. Three layers of black velvet in a very muggy 80-90 degrees was not my best idea, but it wasn't my most masochistic costume either. The first panel I tried to go to was a bust, the panelists never showed. I guess that was a trend for Friday. So I saw the dealers room and went to a panel on Japanese cooking presented by some of my roommates. That night several of us watched the first half of Repo! the Genetic Opera. Then Vaidah and I had a harrowing experience trying to find a parking garage that didn't cost $26 a day. The mission was only partially successful in that the garage we were going to move to had closed early. We found another but at $16 instead of $10. (I ended up spending close to $80 on parking for the trip *grumble* *grumble*) Also, the Taco Bell was a lie! Thank you Otakon for providing a map with places in the area in which to partake sustenance. But in the future could you please make sure that the establishments are still in business before including them?

GIR! My Gir costume really gets around, but since I'm an attention whore I guess it's to be expected. I spend the first half of the day wandering around squeaking, being adorable, and getting hugged by fanboys that desperately needed a shower. I managed to get to a panel on heckling and another on special effects makeup. SFX makeup is a new hobby of mine (since the panel I went to at Acen) and new tips are great. The guy running the panel had made a cast and mold of his head, something I'd like to do eventually. I was able to make it to the rave about 20 min before it ended, but that was plenty for me. Fun but VERY crowded.

Noms at the cheesecake factory. Our timing was excellent, we didn't have to wait to be seated. After mayurasan and I wandered through the artists alley. I pretty much spent the rest of the day hanging out in the room. Elf and I finally succeeded on our quest for seafood and had golden fried goodness in a variety of forms.

Elf and I piled back in the car for most of the day. We took a more leisurely pace on the way back. We stopped at the Sidleling Hill pass where the mountain was blasted through for the road. We lingered in Columbus Ohio so that I could look around the Ohio State campus. I'm about to start applying for jobs there and since we were passing through I wanted to take a look. We considered taking a detour to Centralia, the town that is on fire from below due to an underground coal fire. We decided that seeing the smoke come up from the ground might be neat, it really wasn't worth the 4 hours that side trip would add. If we go out that way again we are going to have to plan to make it a two day drive so we can take random side trips like that.

I thought ahead and had Tuesday scheduled off. We slept and I did laundry. Later that afternoon Elf and I went and saw Angels and Demons at the dollar theater. The movie was kind of "meh" but Ewan McGreggor is nice to look at (and listen to) so it was worth the dollar. Also, movie theater popcorn! Then Elf left for home and I did more laundry. (my cat decided to show her disapproval by peeing on my bed the night before we left, I didn't have time to do much about it until I got home)

The con was fun and I am very glad I went but I don't think it was worth the time and effort of driving there and back or the expenses involved (again, ouch parking). I wish I would have budgeted more time to see the city and surrounding areas. It has been a long time since I was on the east coast.
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