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Belated Anime Central con report

Rather than work while I'm at work I'm going to try and untangle the memories from Anime Central 09.

Drove to Chicago from Lafayette and settled into the hotel room. Had dinner at a tasty tasty Mexican restaurant near the convention center.

I wore my costume from Repo! and wandered around the dealers room. The costume consists of a button down shirt rigged with velcro and a fake belly with a red fuzzy scarf that can be pulled out to represent guts. I had several people pull out my "warm fuzzy insides" including a handful of zombies (from left 4 dead I think) 3 Jokers, 4 Rorschachs, Alucard, and some random people.

After wading my way through ACen's massive map fail (don't get me started) I managed to find the panel on SFX makeup. The girl running it used my arm to demonstrate a bruise that later freaked out my roommates. I took notes on the makeup she recommended and I have been practicing/experimenting with the techniques since I got back. (maybe pictures later)

We made a run to Mitsua's but by the time we got there nearly all the food on the sushi bar and in the bread shop was gone and the food court was starting to close. I split an unagi don with Melody. Mmmm tasty tasty eel.

Thanks to ACen scheduling panels starting at 8am and the roommates being panelists on one of these unfortunately scheduled panels we had to be up at 7 (or earlier). The D. Gray Man panel turned into the D. Gray Man pajama party. The turnout was pretty good considering the time slot (and epic map fail).

I wore my Gir costume around and played camwhore for part of the day. I got some underarmor at goodwill a while back and wore it under the costume. Wow, I need to get some more of that stuff! It kept me much cooler and dryer than I usually am in that costume.

Some of my roommates ran a panel on How (not) to Write a Lemon (an 18+ panel). It was full of hilariousness with a dash of TMI.

I tried to go to the rave but the line was REALLY long and I decided I'd be too tired to enjoy it by the time I got in. *sad face* Raving as GIR is the highlight of the con for me. Seriously, ACen needs some better convention space. They out grew it years ago.

SLEEP! Glorious sleep! Sadly I slept through the Spoony Bards and I really wanted to see them. I kept missing them all weekend (again thanks to the epic scheduling/map fail)

I wandered around as Gir and took one last lap of the dealers room. I need better impulse control.

We hung around most of the rest of the day in the room watching stuff off of alorarose's computer. I got hooked on Legend of the Seeker and we watched some Castle. Castle has some really funny dialogue and Nathan Fillion rocks.
Then there was drinking and wandering around the hotel at 2am.

I slept for about 3 hours then dropped people off at the airport. Came back and slept for another 2 hours. We then vacated the hotel room and saw the Star Trek movie (AWESOME!). We caught lunch at some place that had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. 1 delicious burger, tasty fried mushrooms, and half a raspberry shake later I was on my way back toward home. I went to bed almost immediately after getting home.

Overall I had LOTS of fun. There were also several points of annoyance. As it stands the fun level is higher than the annoyance level but that balance shifts a bit each year. This is at least the second year in a row that the maps were mislabeled. It was a fricking scavenger hunt to find the panel you wanted to attend. Anyway, the people are super fun to hang out with and I am looking forward to next year.
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