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Keeping it vaguely imaginary...

keeping it vaguely imaginary...
Top left of the Medusa Cascade

I pretty much try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face. ~Johnny Depp

I'm __kali__.
I'm stressed, hassled, moody and angry, although these are subject to change at any time.)
I do some kickboxing (although not as much as I like), am addicted to the sweating fun that is the PS2 dancemat genre, love anything with the words Final Fantasy in the title (apart from Final Fantasy VIII, but that's an irrational hatred and I won't go into it here) and if you play Medal of Honour: Allied Assault or Spearhead, I could have shot you up. For nine weeks of the year I'm glued to the telly as the freaks are released into the Big Brother House. I love comedy, whether it's series like Pheonix Nights or early Red Dwarf, or live stand up (standouts include Ross Noble, my beloved Bill Bailey, Peter Kay and Dave Gorman) or filmic. I like to laugh.
I like . . . well, lots of stuff, most of which are listed below in that 'interests' bit.

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The current layout is 800x600 adobe brush based (brushes from www.annikavonholdt.com). The Windrose brush is from one of Evenstar's Lord of the Rings Brush Sets.

♥ x

Yes, I am a shipper. Yes, I do ship. But I won't go on about it in your journal if you're not a fan and I don't expect you to pour scorn over it on mine. Let's just agree to disagree and concentrate on more important things

100x100, absolution, alias, american gothic, angel, animated icons, armed bastards, astrology, b3ta, being pwned by cat, bill bailey, billy boyd, blackadder, books, buffy the vampire slayer, butterflies and hurricanes, castles, cats, celtic, cheesecake, christopher eccleston, chuck, comedies, comedy, crafty stuff, creme eggs, daleks, david tennant, derren brown, doctor who, dominic monaghan, duncton, dvds, eclipse, eddie izzard, electric six, elizabeth haydon, epic fantasy, ewan mcgregor, extreme weather, fantasy, feeder, film and tv, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, firefly, foo fighters, fool, french films, friends, fusing, gah, gardening, ghost stories, ghosts, glass fusing, glass work, harry potter, haunted houses, hauntings, hopping, horror, hot fuzz, howard shore, hurricanes, hysteria, independent films, jack sparrow, jack/everyone, jack/martha, japanese animation, japanese horror, jewellery, jewellery making, john barrowman, johnny depp, kick boxing, layouts, life on mars, lightning, lion king, literature, little ginger, lord of the rings, macabre, matt bellamy, meat hinges, mercedes lackey, miss saigon, most haunted, moulin rouge, muse, musicals, natural disasters, nicholas brendon, ninth doctor/rose, not doing filing, origin of symmetry, overrides, paid layouts, peregrin, peter kay, pheonix nights, photos, pilates, pimms o'love, pirates of the caribbean, plug in baby, potc, pushing daisies, red dwarf, rhcp, richard adams, robin hobb, rods, ross noble, ruins, science fiction, shaun of the dead, showbiz, silversmithing, silverwork, simon pegg, singing, spaced, spiderman, standing stones, starlight express, stockholm syndrome, stonehenge, sunburn, supermassive black hole, t-shirt design, tae kwon do, tardis, television icons, tenth doctor/martha, tenth doctor/rose, the fool, theatre, tie!porn, tintagal, tornados, ufo, valdemar, weird, willow, xanadu, xander