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08 January 2014 @ 20:55
Let's talk meme  
8th January

I love Stargazing Live. If I could I'd give them a hefty 1/3 of my licence fee (the rest being split between Who and Sherlock).

And this series they are looking at one of my favourite things you can see in the sky. The aurora. Sadly, living in the Midlands, the chances of me seeing one is very, very small. Especially when it's blooming well chucking it down on the night we're most likely to see one. Gah!

Mind you, there's so much light pollution that the chances of me seeing one is probably quite small, even if it was clear.

I've decided that for my 40th I want to go to Norway or Iceland to see it myself. (Need to get a pasport first, mind, and save up a lot of money. And buy some thicker coats).
Autopsy Gremlin: Defaultabby_i on 9th January 2014 12:52 (UTC)
I saw a bit of the last episode, and my mum was saying we might see it. With the light pollution around here I very much doubt it!

Like you I'd love to go somewhere to see it, though the best places to do so are rather expensive sadly!