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Protected. [11th March 2005 09:33PM]
[ mood | okay ]

This is the more private journal of closet_child. If you don't know me, but still wish to add me, comment on closet_child and add me on that journal. ^^; This journal was made for my closer friends that really know me and respect my beliefs. If I find that you have added me and I do not know you, I won't add you back. Don't let it be a suprise. If you really wish to be added to this journal, then I suggest you get to know me and stay on my good side. ^_^;; Which isn't too hard to do.

Once again, if you would like to add me, comment on my first entry on my other journal closet_child.

<3 Haley AKA hidetarou AKA kaledrina

2 My love

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