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★ sunshine in the rain ★

little old me.

All posts are friends only. If you'd like to see them, shoot me a message and a friend request. :)

I'm poly. I'm an atheist humanist. I'm childfree. I have long hair. I like cats, especially mine. I work in an office doing boring office things. I have strong (and unapologetic) socialist tendencies. I'm pro-choice.

In my spare time, aside from the obvious, I enjoy chatting with friends/partners, reading dystopian fiction, playing with (and spoiling) kitties, sleeping, Reddit, and the Oxford comma. I knit very badly. I love (listening to) music. I enjoy dabbling in a lot of things, but mastering none. I get really excited about space. I am a bit of a contrarian.

In my spare time, I do not enjoy sports, most varieties of romantic fiction (#1 being paranormal - ugh), beer, trolls, mushrooms, starfish, sneakers, "nice guys", conservatism, red-pillers, people who demonize traditionally feminine roles, anti-choicers, and people who look for things to be offended about.

I am no Mary Magdalene. I am no victim and I need no savior. Nor am I The Holy Mother, with vows to celibacy in body and mind. There are many archetypes that live in my skin, my bones, my memories. I am virtue, I am vice, they are different sides of the same coin. - Zoee Garza