__journal's Journal

30 June
Quick Facts:

My name is Charlotte Palladino

I am seventeen

I live in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

I am of Italian and German decent

I have three pets

My pets names are Jewel, Bella and Flip

My favorite music genre is rock and some rap

My favorite bands are Tool, Deftones, Metallica, SOAD, Orgy, etc

My favorite movies are The Butterfly Effect, Labryinth, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Practical Magic

I am single

I am: blunt, opinionated, strong, protective, kind, and a smoker

I love myself, my jobs, my life and my close friends

I have an out-of-reach crush on Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Simpson and Orlando Bloom

I love herbal scents like tea

My favorite drink is water

My pet peeves are leftover time on the microve, not replacing the toilet paper on the spinning thing, pro-lifer tags, Crown Victoria's with "Sheriff" written in reflective lettering down the side, people who try to fight those who are intimidated by them and run away when someone stands up to them (pussy's) and chamelion-like people

My favorite animal is a dog

My favorite movie genre is horror and the cheesier, the better

My favorite names are Aidan and Arabella

My body art includes two tattoo's and one peircing.

My two tattoo's are one Amy Brown fairy and one tribal

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NOTE: For any additional information, you can contact me. Just post a comment.
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