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Jacqui's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Wednesday, Jan 18th, 2006. 10:33pm]
Uhm just for the records I apologized.
So yeah...
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[Wednesday, Jan 18th, 2006. 5:17pm]
I'm a bitch and I'm going to Hell.
I admit it, I'm not scared to say that I am a bitch.
And that I'm also going to Hell.
Oh well.
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[Tuesday, Jan 17th, 2006. 6:01pm]
Name five of life's simple pleasures that you like most,
then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original
and creative and not to use things that someone
else has already used. Tag five people on your list

1. talking to someone i haven't seen in months
2. remembering random funny things that happened in the past
3. the first major snowfall of winter
4. getting mail from something other than a college or church.. I.E. friends *cough*
5. when i'm at my locker and people come up behind me and hug me. hugs in general. <3 especially from random people

tags: britni, laura, nicole, beth, kelly
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[Friday, Jan 13th, 2006. 8:04pm]
Rumney = Love.
Bryan = Pretty much coolest freshman around
I love Bryan Ian Ian Courtney Josh and others.
ahah creepy room.
yessss I'm so sad that next year is my last year there. :(

and and and... capture the flag from 8-9 in pitch black is AWESOME
and so is running a mile and a half to your boyfriends house just for a hug.
i missed him a lot.
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[Sunday, Jan 8th, 2006. 4:30pm]
AHHHHH I love my random talks with Dan.
Haha they're awesome.
And today's Christian's birthday!
Eighteen.. I miss him. I see him SATURDAY! <3
2 days til' Rumney
15 days til' Thanksgiving Day game

Chris > Jacqui
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[Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2006. 5:39pm]
My family pretty much disowned me tonight.
I'm not allowed to eat or be with my family anymore.
Fuck it.
Fuck promises.
I haven't felt the need to do this since February.
Fucking fuck fuck fuck.
I hate everything right now.
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[Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2006. 4:37pm]
Uhm so.
the school got set on fire today.
evacuate for an hour.
no spanish.
the end.
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[Saturday, Dec 31st, 2005. 9:21pm]
halloween was good.
i talked to dan a lot today which was also good.
i <3 our random talks, a lot. brit makes them even more interesting.
so nicole britni and i were "sluts" yeah...
uhm chris came and was figment lol
we walked to carlo's house.
met up with joe carlo jerod and some others.
walked back...
uhm got some candy..
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[Saturday, Dec 31st, 2005. 6:46am]
Last Halloween was so much fun for me, but now I wish the memories were just gone.
Sometimes I wish something happened that made me forget everything that's EVER happened to me.. Not temporarily but really forever.
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[Friday, Dec 30th, 2005. 10:18pm]
Homecoming = AWESOME
Applebee's = EVEN BETTER
Britni's casa = THE BEST!

Six Flags today.. Soooo much fun. Except God pretty much hated us. Well not really, but whenever we wanted to go on a ride it would close down for like.. a while lol.
After we went to Nicky's.

30 inch pizza's make my life complete.
We ate in the gazebo [sp?] near Nicky's. Beth and Laura probably know what I'm talking about.
yesssssss <3
ride home = tons of fun :)
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[Wednesday, Dec 28th, 2005. 10:07pm]


Today I got dismissed at 12. Went to Applebee's with Nicole and Gooey. They = my LifO. Had Scotty as a waiter.. Good times, found a sock in my bag... yeahhhhh haha <33.

Met up with Britni and snuck into Saw II... sooooo good <3.
Went to the mall, then took the bus to youth group where I have to be at 6 every Friday night until forever.

Drama is gay and should go away, homecoming should just not be here anymore because it causes the drama, people should keep their mouths shut and forgive each other, it's high school, i guess we have to get used to this... but it's been 3 years and I'm still not.
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[Saturday, Dec 24th, 2005. 3:45pm]
Sometimes... I like to make out in the hallway at school... while a really really fat man watches...


My history drawing is pretty pimp.. ohhh yeah 8-)

anywho, homecoming is saturday and that makes me happy.
chris :) is awesome.
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[Friday, Dec 23rd, 2005. 9:31pm]

You and 3 friends are going on a cruise, but the ship crashes. You're deserted on an island. First, let's meet you and your friends.

Okay. So, what's your name?: Jacqueline
Friend #1 :: Nicole
Friend #2 :: Britni
Friend #3 :: Gooey
Who's the most likely to be the 'leader'?: I think Britni or Nicole, that would be great
Who's going to be the comic relief?: Gooey
Which friend would probably end up going insane?: Me
And lastly, which of you plans to kill the others? o.O;: LMAO Gooey or Nicole first I think

Alrighty. So, now. Let's find out more about the trip.
You brought one item. What was it?: a boat. lol jk uhmm a photoalbum <3
What did Friend #1 bring?: Cellphone
Friend #2?:
Uhmm what would Britni bring. Probably a blanket or something silly
Friend #3?: Guitar
Do you wish you had anything else?: yes
If so, what?: computer with internet or cellie i guess.. more friends?
Are you beginning to re-consider your choice of friends?: hellz no biatch
What food did you manage to bring, if any?: Cho Cho's lmao, uhm id try to bring an entire mcdonalds with me god.
What will you do for water?: if i got stranded on an island water would already be there...
And just WHERE do you plan on finding refuge to sleep?: ill make a hut

Trouble Strikes...
There's a body. Who is it?: Greg [i said id bring more people if i could so here ya go]
You look around. Someone's whistling. Who is it?: Anne
Someone obviously killed it. Who do you think it was?: It being Greg? Uhmm Probably Me Dinny Britni Heitman or anyone from youth group 
You see a wild pig run into the ocean, squealing. What do you do?:
Run like a pig after it
Ok. So you chased the pig, and beat the crap out of it. Why?:
Did the pig tell you anything?: Pigs don't talk
Now you need to focus. What are you going to do with the body?: Burn it, I hate Greg, that's why I picked him to get killed

You decided, as a group, to bury the body. But now, it's time to sleep.
Who's staying up to keep guard?: Britni, she'd scare anything off :-p JK I love you Brit
How many tents did you bring?: 9, and built some huts
Is everyone sleeping in the tent?: the 9 tents, yes, and maybe even in the hut
If not, where is the guard?: Keeping guard maybe?
Well, sorry. No one wants to be guard. You're up.: NICE 
And guess what? Everyone's sleeping. And a gun just went off. Scared?: ::yelps::
Do you run and wake the others? Or do you watch for signs of life?: Wake the others
Inevitably, you find a body. Another friend. Which one?: Sam
Damn. Not again? So. Your friends are sleeping... Who did it?: The pig's spirit
Well. You need to bury the body. Do you tell your other two friends?: Yes
Leaning against a tree, you watch until morning. Do you sleep?: No

It's morning. Your friends wake up, wondering where the other one is.
What are you going to do today?:
Do you think you will ever get off this island?: a boat
It's a nice day. Are you going to swim or find a way off the island?: swim
Deciding to take advantage of the situation, you, indeed, swim. With who?: My friends there, duh
While you and your friend are swimming. You hear a scream. o.o;:
Who, or what was it?: Probably Britni
Do you keep swimming, or find out who it is?: see who it is
Regardless of your decision, eventually you go look. Where do you look?: whereever britni is..
Heading that way, you find another squealing wild pig, and follow it.:
In front of you, you find a big... hairy... what?: orange
It lunges at you, but you and your friend know you have to follow the pig.: if it lunges at me.. wouldnt it be coming at me not away from me
But now your friend has just been eaten. You're alone. Do you go on?: i wouldnt be alone id have more friends remember
Running ahead, you see a light. What color is it?: light blue
Either way, it's the light of a fire! Who's by the fire?: other friends
You see a bunch of bodies laying around the fire. Is your friend dead?: nopers
If so, what do you do now?: ----
If not, do you take the friend and run, or just run on your own?: con mis amigos

Finally, when you start to run, something trips you. Where are you?: in a hole
Staring down at you is a big... what?: ghost
He tells you to get up. You do. He pulls out a knife and...: pokes a tree
But, he doesn't. He cuts the root that tripped you. You...: thank it
All your friends are there. Was it a prank?: nopers
None the less, you're alive. Are you happy?: yeahh
So. Be happy. You lived.:
i am i said
But what do you do to your friends for playing a trick on you?: they werent

[---cut along the dotted line----]Collapse )

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[Thursday, Dec 22nd, 2005. 10:41am]
Last night was soooooo fun.
Powderpuff game. Juniors what whattttt.
we rock.
Anyways Gooey Nicole Ian Karen Paul Dinny Becca and some other people were on the juniors side while everyone else was on the senior side, and the juniors had no cheerleaders so we were their cheerleaders. Good times good times.
Anyways after Nicole Britni Ian Gooey Rob and I went to the park and decided we were hungry so we went to BK but they were closed so we went to Chili's at like 10. And that was a good time, Nicole Britni and I got to Nicole's around 11:30 then went to my house and back to Britni's and we were being gay and were like OMG WE HAVENT BEEN OUT THIS LATE EVERRRR and it was a good time. We watched Seven.. Good movie, I recommend it.

I don't think I'm ever going to be happy on a date. I hate having the guys pay, I want to pay, they won't let me. Damnit. I'm a creep-o.
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[Tuesday, Dec 20th, 2005. 10:10pm]
memories of you reside in my mind
to the love you gave me, i was blind.
sometimes i wish you were still here
and that you were the one to care
when things were bad you helped me through
you're the friend that stayed true
but look at us now
i just want to know how.
what happened to the way we were
i wish things could be like they were before.

--yeah uhm, joy convinced me to put this in here.
and i love her. and that's my poem about... someone.
anyways leave feedback?
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[Tuesday, Dec 20th, 2005. 7:28pm]
[ mood | emo ]

Snaps for you if you read this.
I miss the Abingtree Crew.
I miss my college friends. a lot.
I miss writing good poems.
I miss old friends.
I miss East B-Tree//Quincy.
I miss kindergarten.
I miss summer days at home with... some people.
I miss work.
I miss good grades.
I miss Chip. Woah, WTF?
I miss the old me.
-The un-emo me.
-The caring me.
-The nice me.
-The loving me.
-The me he remembers.
-The me that didn't cry everyday.
-The me who didn't care what people think.
-The me who didn't need someone to feel loved.
-The crazy me.
-The happy me.
-The me who didn't care about what she looked like.
-The me who could have a conversation with him about anything without stopping.
-The neat me.
-The non-drama me.
-The long-haired me.
-The pretty inside me.
-The me who thought she didn't have so many flaws.
-The smart me.
-The me who didn't thrive for anything.
-The interesting me.
-The me that could talk for hours.
-The me that knew just what to say.
-The sixth grade me.
-The non-DSS me.
-The me people loved.
-The non obsessed me.
-The me I was when I was with him.
-And him.
-The one who would do anything for anyone.
-I miss me

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[Friday, Dec 16th, 2005. 11:11am]
Last night was... interesting. But fun.
Ian, Andrew, Carlo, Nicole, Tory and I went to Britni's around 7 and Kristi was already there and we chilled in her garage. Around 8 Jenna came and we went to the park. Yeah, it was freezing there. Played a little truth or dare like the cool kids, then Ian Andrew Carlo Nicole Jenna Britni and I went back to Britni's til' about 11, when Ian Andrew Carlo and I left to go back to my house so they could all get picked up. They got picked up at the park so I got to walk back to my house by myself. Can you say reflect much? That's what I did, I reflected on stuff. I think I'm really really messed up, along with my feelings. Oh well I guess.

Around 11:15 or something or other Carlo called me and we were on the phone for about an hour, and I was also online talking to Dan, Dinny, and Karen. I <3 them.

Now I'm here, kinda. So yeah, I was supposed to go to the cape but I didn't go and I'm taking the bus to youth group. Woo.
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[Thursday, Dec 15th, 2005. 2:40pm]
Leader's Retreat = odd.
Me Jenny Shane Ian... and eventually Joshua.
Yeahhh good times last night.
I love my friends, a lot.
Good times at Applebee's also.
Yeah, whore weekend. Fun.
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[Sunday, Dec 11th, 2005. 6:23pm]
I really wanna call you, but I know that it's not right.
I probably shouldn't tell you but I dreamed of you last night.
I guess I'm not prepared to say...
Goodbye, so long, farewell, I won't be seeing you again
Until next time that he goes away.

You told me that you loved me, I started tearing down those walls.
I really started to trust you but you set me up to take the fall.
I guess I'm not prepared to say...
Goodbye, so long, farewell, I won't be seeing you again
Until next time that he goes away.

I guess that I'm wrong for falling in love,
But you're still the one that I'm dreaming of.
I guess that it's you I want to hold onto,
But you're holding onto someone else.

^lyrics of my life right there^

Goulart asked me to homecoming today. He's so sweet. :).
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[Saturday, Dec 10th, 2005. 11:21pm]
[ mood | emoooo =/ ]

I've been so emotional today.
I've cried almost all day, and the fact my calendar on my computer some how got messed up and says it's December 10th doesn't make it all the much better.

I watched Titanic again today and I've been crying ever since. I've been listening to songs that make me cry.
When I see something in that profile I cry. Everytime. It's not even worth a cry, but I do it. I don't understand it.
What is wrong with me.
I'm thinking about skipping driver's ed tomorrow and going to the hospital down the street.
That won't happen.
When "they" left.. again.. I told myself I wouldn't cry, but I did.
Nooo fun. =/

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