Jacqui (__jacqui__x3) wrote,

I'm so sick of everything.
I can't do anything right.
I wanted to only do ONE thing today but no that can't even happen.
I try to be nice to one person and everything gets fucked up.
Now I'm stuck with something I don't want.
Yelling at me when I'm driving is real cool.
Oh and telling me that I'm a god damn lying bitch in the middle of Office Max is too.
I'm probably the worst girlfriend ever with a boyfriend who is the best guy in the world and means everything to me.
I fucking suck.

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    ok so making things easier for you, my friends, i just went through my friends list from this livejournal, and requested you to be friends on my new…

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    O.K.... I have a new journal. it's here sooooo add me :) cuz' i love you all.

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    Sooooo... I'm home. Sick. And I've been on the phone with Chris since 10:30. I can't feel my legs. I'm also talking to Dan. Woo.

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