Jacqui (__jacqui__x3) wrote,

1. I love Summer.
2. I love flip-flops.

3. I shop at Hollister.
4. I am not a virgin.
5. I am a virgin.
6. I love the OC.
7. I love One Tree Hill.
8. I enjoy acoustic music.
9. Ingram Hill is love.
10. Dashboard Confessional is awesome.
11. Both of the bands are crappy.
12. Music is something I need.
13. Sports are fun.
14. I feel like going shopping.
15. Abercromie is my favorite store.
16. I hate preps.
17. I am a prep.
18. I think Green Day has turned mainstream and I hate their new stuff.
19. I think it's funny that Blink 182 is done.
20. My best friend is a girl.
21. My best friend is a boy.

22. I have a boyfriend.
23. I have a girlfriend.
24. Sleeping is my favorite thing to do.
25. I'm eating right now.
26. The Notebook is my favorite movie.
27. The color hot pink is sexy.
28. Paris Hilton is my idol.
29. I hate Paris Hilton
30. I have an authentic Dooney & Burke purse.
31. I'm bored.
32. School is fun.
33. I'm online right now but no one is talking.
34. I dont know what I'm doing tonight.
35. I've gotten drunk in the past month.
36. Drugs are gross.
37. I hate drama, even though I cause a lot of it.
38. I've been used.

39. I've been cheated on.
40. I've cheated on someone.
50. I've used someone.
51. I need a shower.
52. White Noise is the scariest movie ever.
53. I wont always love what I'll never have.
54. I wont always live in my regrets.
55. I've had my heart broken.
56. I've been in love.

57. Britney Spears rocks.
58. Hot Topic is awesome.
59. Goths scare me.
60. I love my life.
61. I have my own computer
62. I hate the color pink
63. I have music playing right now
64. I am on aim right now
65. I have the tv on, but am not watching it
66. I have no life
67. I am in high school

68. I am in middle school
69. My nails are painted
70. My toes are painted

71. I am currently not wearing a bra
72. I am wearing a bra
73. I love the show, Summerland
74. I have never seen the movie Grease i'm watching it right now
75. I have PS2
76. I do not own a cellphone
77. My bathroom is attached to my room
78. I have not showered yet today
79. I have to pee really bad
80. I cannot play tennis
81. I cannot play basketball

82. I love the mall
83. I love my friends
84. I currently do not have a boyfriend
85. I right now like someone
86. My best friend likes the same person
87. I hate my life right now
88. My parents are divorced
89. I have no sisters
90. I have no brothers
91. I have never watched MTV
92. I hate TRL
93. I hate VH1
94. I love spongebob
95. I love makeup
96. I never wear makeup
97. I have my belly button pierced
98. I think Jesse McCartney is sexy
99. I have never smoked weed
100. I have never drank alcholol
101. I have been in a wedding
102. I love chocolate
103. I am allergic to strawberries
104. I have never been stung by a bee *knock on wood*
105. I love the song "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5
106. I talk to myself when I am bored

107. I have my own phone line
108. I was born in a summer month
109. Today is Wednesday
110. I love the ocean
111. i wish i was little again
112. i have cheated on a test before
113. i've copied my friends homework more than once
114. i've stolen something

115. i wish my body was different
116. i have fantasized about dating harry potter
117. i have wondered what life would be like if i were dead
118. i wish my siblings were gone
119. i hardly ever get along with my parents
120. i think my teacher wears the ugliest clothes
121. i know more than 1 Ashley

122. i always liked mary kate until she became annorexic
123. i knew there was a such thing as pre-matture balding and it scares me
124. i know someone who has been abused
125. i'm scared i'm going to get raped
126. i really really hope that i find someone to marry
127. marrying an older rich guy disgusts me
128. but marrying a rich handsome guy is sexy
129. i get new bedding every year
130. i own something from Abercrombie & Fitch
131. i own something from Pac Sun
132. i still shop at Limited Too
133. Target couture is in
134. Juicy couture is way expensive

135. i own something Louis Vuitton
136. i think i'm pretty
137. i think i'm the ugliest thing to rome the planet
138. full house is one of the best shows on TV

139. they better not cancel laguna beach
140. the oc is my favorite show
141. i wish i was rachel bilson
142. i have been on a crash diet
143. i love food and people with eating disorders are insecure and should embrace their curves
144. if i lost my eyeliner i would cry
145. i own more than 20 bonne bell lip glosses
156. i'm a perfectionist
157. i have done drugs
158. i drink alcohol
159. i wish i lived somewhere else
160. sometimes i get mad at my best friend
161. sometimes i wonder what it would be like to be one of my friends

162. I have green eyes
163. I come from a rich family.
164. I have a Deadjournal.
165. I know how to operate a vehicle correctly.
166. I have been in more than 2 car accidents in the past 12 months.
167. I have a motorcycle permit or license.
168. My father is over 50.
169. I believe in Satan.
170. I listen to rap music.
171. I've never done anything I say I really regret.

172. I cheated on one of my exes and they don't know about it to this day.
173. I slept in a bathroom once.
174. My favorite color is neon orange.
175. My school colors were red and white. south
176. I wish I knew my mother better.
177. I look older than I really am.
178. I am a Scorpio.
179. I detest spiders with every fiber of my being.
180. I am pro-choice.
181. I consider myself to be an intelligent person.
182. I was alive in 1989.... well for a few months
183. I have a broken heart.
184. I remember a lot about my first love.
185. I will die and bring no secrets to my grave.
186. I hate driving on ice or in snow.
187. I am Japanese.
188. I speak a language most people don't understand.
189. My vision is perfect.
190. My favorite band is From First To Last.
191. I am left-handed.
192. My favorite body part on the opposite sex is below their waist
193. I am a Grammar Nazi and I am proud of it. ... at times
194. I don't like myspace. I don't have a myspace. And I'm cool with that.
195. I am single.
196. I am pretty personable.
197. I let moodiness take over sometimes.
198. My mother is well taken care of.
199. My father makes more money than my mother does.
200. I play the lottery
201. I only like dark chocolate.
201. I have eaten already today.
202. I want to conquer the world and rename it something else.
203. I am a virgin.
204. My favorite animal would not make a good pet.
205. I often contemplate throwing my computer out the window.

206. I have a distaste for anything made with cheese.
208. I am his panic.
209. I hate chores.
210. I am a neat freak.
211. My hair is brown.
212. I am short.
213. I am afraid of dying.
214. I love someone very dearly and would give my life for them.
215. My email is not hotmail, yahoo, or aol.
216. I have been seriously depressed in the past.
217. I have had the Chicken Pox
218. I enjoy reading the newspaper.

219. I like online shopping better than going to the mall or to the store.
220. My place of work is less than 20 miles from my home.
221. I like bolding surveys more than any other kind.
222. I'm lazy.

223. I am too nice for my own good.
224. I really should be doing something else.
225. I like to debate.
226. I enjoy/enjoyed high school.
227. I think that I am nice-looking
228. I clean my room at least once a month.
229. I've lived in an apartment.
230. I like the city more than the country.
231. I listen to
country music.
232. I am listening to music right now.
233. I've been to a rock concert.
234. I like listening to wind chimes.

235. I have been skinny dipping before.
236. I wanted to be a super hero when I was little.
237. I remember being born.
238. I don't trust politicians.
239. My hair has been dyed in the past year.
240. I have more than 2 piercings.
241. I am female.
242. I love being different.
243. I'm incredibly sarcastic.
244. I like to play videogames.

245. I am lactose intolerant.
246. I keep an online journal.
247. I'm sensitive.
248. I cry more than most people think I do.

249. My favorite movie genre is Comedy.
250. I have sang in public before.
251. I enjoy dancing.

252. I've gone clubbing with friends.
253. I am 18 or older.
254. I have never tried to do a cartwheel.
255. My dad made me a treehouse when I was younger.
256. My mother drives a truck.
257. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger.
268. I watch CSI.
269. I want to dye my hair an unnatural color.
270. I have wasted more than 5 minutes on this survey.

271. I watch football on Sundays.
272. I can't concentrate when people are talking.
273. I enjoy brownies
274. I love to laugh and have a good time.
275. I don't like leading things when I'm uncertain of them.
276. I'm taking this so I have more time to think about this thing I'm writing.
277. I don't really care.

278. I love my dog.
279. I have more than one guitar
280. I love awesome people.
281. I think piano sounds gorgeous.
282. I will sleep anywhere at any time
283. I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs
284. I like hanging out with my friends in random places
285. I wish I could get out of here. Tonight.
286. I enjoy taking night time walks.
287. I can snap my fingers on both hands

288. I've never been as outwardly passionate as I am inwardly. Ever.
289. I don't like comparing myself to people, but I do it anyway.
290. I do stupid things
291. I think it's important to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes and not take everything so seriously.
292. I remedy fear with anger.
293. I respect your decisions, no matter how stupid they are.
294. I've never gotten a ticket

295. I don't get mail. Unless it's from a useless college.
296. I love hugs. hug me and i'll be your friend forever
297. I'm uncomfortable when someone says how 'amazing' I am.
298. I wish I could be alone to sing more often.
299. It annoys me when standards interrupt my personal way of thinking.
300. I have shoes.
301. I love fall

301. I wish I had more dresses to wear.
302. I keep a lot of my feelings bottled up.
303. I am currently unemployed
304. I like chillaxin
305. I wish I wasn't so addicted to sitting there and waiting for someone to talk. I mean AIM.
306. I love school
307. I tend to exaggerate more than I mean to.
308. If you seriously need a reality check, I will give it to you.
309. I wish literature was less predictable.
310. I wish I knew why I procrastinate even from watching T.V.

311. I cannot ride on a bus and maintain my sanity unless I have music to listen to.
312. I've been in love since seventh grade.
313. I love being around the people I care about
314. Homework is no.
315. I suck at math
316. I hate when people walk so slowly in the hallway.
317. I'm not easily amused, but simple things tend to catch me off-guard sometimes.

318. I'm going to live in NJ forever.
319. I like long bus rides with bandies.
320. I do nothing but think.
321. I think smoking is stupid
322. I hate when people act surprised that I don't know something.
323. I don't ever want to grow up.
324. I like making people laugh.
325. I will never show you my world, because then it wouldn't be mine anymore.
326. Friends can cheer me up, but they can't make my mood any better.

327. It's not that I hate you. I just lack social skills. Sorry.
328. I love the feeling of a plane taking off.
329. My favorite number is 34. I don't know why.
330. I have a hard time throwing things out
331. I wish my analytical skills weren't so lazy; I always need a question to go on, it seems.
332. I like warm weather.
333 I hate online communication.
334. I suck at DDR unless I can use a controller.
335. I hate when people act happy even though they're not, even though I do it too.
336. I don't make sense.
337. I wish I could be in isolation for awhile.

338. I wish I could meet up with some old friends that I've been wondering about.
339. I'm married.
340. I have a cell phone

341. I have long  hippie hair.
342. My favorite fruit is probably strawberries.
343. It'd be cool if you could take a star out of the sky, like in that one episode of Sabrina.
344. I hate when people make general conclusions about specific situations that they know nothing about.
345. I'm a very intense person.
346. I wish I saw people more often
347. I've got a crush
348. I'm poor.
349. I hope this thing I'm writing right now turns out okay.
350. I usually just wait for people to IM me.

351. I can't wait to watch the second half of Battle Royale.
352. I don't want to have children.
353. I like having fun
354. Teenagers get worked up over the stupidest things in the world.

355. People don't know what they should lie about and what they shouldn't.
356. I wish I had a skull cap.
357. I wish I had the guts to act.
358. I love my friends.
359. I love
video games.
360. I need a new hairbrush.
361. I stay up late when I'm out with friends.

362. I proudly adopted my dog
363. I'll pee in the woods if I have to. Whatever.
364. I like sunny days.
365. I have my priorities straight.
366. I wish people knew the difference between simplicity and complexity.
367. I like rainy days.
368. I hate text messaging. I'd rather call someone.
369. I wish I had a broader range of music to listen to.
370. I've lost touch with people that I wish I hadn't.
371. I have a
camera phone
372.I am not a "morning person".
373.I drink diet soda.
374.My name has less than 7 letters.
375.I own a lava lamp.
376.I have a dog.
377.Garlic knots are delish.
378.I watch Laguna Beach.
379.I love music.
380.I am on a laptop.
381.I have taken a shower in the past 12 hours.
382.I have done something illegal.
383.I play with matches.

384.I watch The Real World.
385.My family owns a boat.
386.I want a pony.
387.My middle name has an "e" in it.
388.I like to read.
389.My screen name has no numbers in it.
390.Sharks tick me off.
391.I have a pet with a human name.
392.I like to draw.
393.I am a compulsive liar.
394.I have seen The Breakfast Club.
395.I have been water skiing.
395. The walls of my room are yellow.
396.I like Bright Eyes.
397.I have 2 or more siblings.
398.I own clothes that I don't wear at all.
399.I am tired.

400.I saw The Dukes of Hazzard.

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