Jacqui (__jacqui__x3) wrote,

I <3333333 him times a million. =]

i liked my hair today..

ziti =]

5? story church

train fun

chunky sauce

there was steam coming out of the man hole.. amused me mucho

They had ice cream and candy.. so good.. and cool lights.

^the game that took over Britni's life.. gave us lots of gum

The stars lit up when we left =]

More ziti =P

Sock buddy

Gatorade.. i DONT share =P

Britni likes ziti too..

Blurry.. Old City Hall in Boston

Old city hall




More train fun.. myspace style



Britni's house

Britni's a monkey :-p

retard heart
less retarded heart

Britni Loves Me =]

We take lots of pictures of our shoes.

more train fun myspace style

"finishing with a flourish" cuz' i'm a fag.

that's it. yay.


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