Jacqui (__jacqui__x3) wrote,

I don't feel like going all out with this entry so I'll just summarize.

1. Did route
2. Sat around til' 2
3. At 2, walked to the T-Station to pick up Mark
4. Walked back to my house, and got attacked by Brit along the way, and talked with her and mich.
5. Went to my house with Mark and played with chalk :)
6. Went to Roche's and talked to Joe, Jess, and Shane. That was a good time.
7. Went to White's to visit Carlo
8. Went online and Mark made my a/m all boxie
9. Went to the park
10. Went to Chili's
11. Missed the train by like 30 seconds
12. Went to Dunkie's
13. Went to Britni's
14. Went to the park
15. Came back to my house
16. Layed in the street
17. Mark left
18. Britni left
19. Now I'm hither.
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