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10 days til' N.H.
I get to dress up like an indian for work tomorrow.
We are being the village people. Pimp-Ass ((©Christian.A.M.A))

...This summer what have you done...?
Have you been to a party? yeah
Spent the night with a friend? yeah
Laughed until your stomach hurt? yes
Gone on a vacation? yes
Tanned? yes.. didnt work
Went to a camp? yeah, i work at one
Swam? yeah
Went to the movies? yeah
Gone shopping? yeah
Are you even out of school? yeah, just for summer break there
Gotten freakishly bored? yes, all the time
Gotten sun burned yet? yeah
Gotten drunk? no
Made a bonfire? not this year =[ =/
Been outside during a lightning storm? yea
Been to any other state? yes
Been to another country? no
Been to the the hospital with an injury? no
Commited a crime/broken the law? yeah, i went driving
Stolen anything? nope
Gone on a road trip? nope
Had sex? .....nopeee
Had a b/f, or g/f? not that i know of
Dumped a g/f or b/f? no
Been to a concert? nopee
Went camping? nope
Got stoned? no
Was out past cerfew? dont have one
Went skinny dipping? no..that would be scary...lol

ArE yOu SiNgLe: Yes

WhAt Do YoU dO fOr FuN?: chill..

ArE yOu A DrUnk: i dont think so..

WhAts YoUr SiGn? leo//virgo, uhmm im a cusp baby

ArE yOu InTo DoMinAtrIx? no

WhAtS oNe Of tHinG yOu DiD tO tRy aN MaKe Ur SeLf COoLEr? i've mostly been myself... so i dunno

ArE YoU CrUsHiN SoMe OnE RiGhT NoW? yeahhh i do

WhEn Was Ur FiRsT Kiss? QHS Homecoming freshman year

ArE YoU A VirGin? ...why is this question so popular? and if you must know, no.

WhEn WaS ThE LaSt TiMe YoU TaLkEd TO SoMe OnE yOu TrUly CaReD AbOut? OMG last night, christian karen and carlo. yay all three, but i do care about all my friends and the kids at work, so i guess the correct answer to this is everyday

ArE YoU GoNNa HaVe KiDs? i want between 1 and 3

WhO WaS tHe FiRsT biG CrUsH YoU EvEr HaD? uhmm OMG Joe Manna haha oh mann

WhErE DiD U mEeT uR BeSt FriEnD? 1. youth group trip to rumney new hampshire <33 and the 2nd and 3rd in school

ArE YoU A GOOFY GOOFY GOOBER YEA??? haha yeah, according to my aunt

Do YoU LoVe NaPoLeAn DyNaMitE AnD EuRoTrIp?? haha yessss soooo good

MoSt RecEntLy WatCheD MovIe?? go figure on disney lol

FaVe MuSic TyPe: i dunno.. whateverr

FaVe ColoRs: black and silver

whO Do U mIss MoSt RiGht NoW? christian

FaVe SonG RiGht NoW: promise.. still

LaSt FooD ConSumED? reeses peanut butterr cups

TaKe DrUgs? not that i know of

AgE? 16... well in four days

BirtHdAY? August 21st 1989

FaVe AnImaL? uhmmm i dunno

BrOkE ThE LAW? yeah, drivin, downloadin music. others

SoMeThIn Ur LeaRnIn hOw To Do ThIs YeaR.: uhm i dunno

HoPe To AcheiVe WhAt ThIs YeaR? permit, license, honor roll

EvEr StEaL BeFoRe? uh huh

FaVe DriNk?? something liquidy =P

FaVe NiCk NaMe? Jacqui?

GoNe To JaIL? NO!

MoSt MiSSed MemOry....: when my family seemed somewhat happy

ThIs SuRvEy WaS MaDe By The OnE aNd OnLy KeLLi =]
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