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name: Jacqueline Lee Mortimer
school: Braintree High School
state: Massachusetts
occupation: Student, Paper Girl, Camp Counselor
hobbies: uhmmm i dunno lol
single?: yepp
hair color: some shades of brown and burgundy
eye color: brown
height- 5'6" - 5'7"
birthdate- August 21 1989
glasses/contacts?: glasses
short/long hair?: long-ish
zodiac sign: leo/virgo

piercings: uhm 4 in my flub part of my left ear with 1 in the cartilage and 3 in the flub of my left ear 
piercings wanted: hmmm 4th in my right ear flub lol flub
sports number: 3?


drink- snapple apple
snack- cookie dough mmm
ice cream-black rasberry
singer-ryan cabrera
song- promise; maintain conciousness; more than useless
store- PacSun,HotTopic
salad dressing- ranch
vacation spot-rumney<3333
shoes- flipflops
t.v. show- chalkzone lol
movie- finding nemo <3

movie you watched: finding nemo <3
person you hung out with: Daniel! =]
person you talked on the phone with: Katieee

person you laughed until u almost peed your pants with: hmmm probably nicole and britni
person who saw you cry: myself
time you cried: last night
place you went: school
thing you ate: potaytoess
person that slept in your bed: myself
person u kissed: Daniel
time you went to the mall: Friday
book you read: uhmmm bio book
sport you played: uhm tennis i think
t.v. show u watched: fairly oddparents
song you listened to: this week the trend &hearts;

have you ever..
snuck out?- yes
slept in?-- yes
seen a ghost?-- on scooby doo lol
danced naked?-- no
had sex?-- uh huh..
done drugs?--no
gotten drunk?--if you count that one time at sedar supper cuz i dont
driven a car?--yes
sang in public?--yes
skinny dipped?--no
swam in the ocean?--yes... EVIL!
kissed a member of the opposite sex?--yes
kissed a member of the same sex?--yes
gone to another school?--yes
gotten in a fight for a gay reason?--yes
met someone that you'll never forget throughout your whole life?- yes.

Random Questions…
*Lucky number: 3
*Things you like in a guy/girl: funny.understanding.nice.actually likes me for who i am.gets along with my homiess
*Weirdest thing about you: uhmm theres alot o' weird things about me 
*Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nopee

What books are you reading now? nothing

*What’s on your mouse pad? i dont have one
*Favorite magazine? seventeen?
*Favorite sound: music
*Favorite TV show? chalkzone aha
*Worst feeling: getting hurt emotionally, and losing the ones you love
*What is the first thing you think in the morning? sleeeppppp
*How many rings before you answer? house phone.. like 2 or 3
*Future daughter’s name? Chelsea if it fits
*Future son’s name? Tyler, Joshua.. if they fit
*Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate
*Do you sleep with a stuffed animal or blanket? recently just a blanket.. wow im getting over it
*If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? hmm i dunno
*What was the last food you ate? potaytoess
*Drink: milk
*Are you bored? very
*How many buddies are online? 57
*You get embarrassed when: something embarrasing happens
*Do you keep a diary? LJ
*Do you like to cook? sometimes
*Do you have a secret that you haven’t shared with anyone? yeah one i think
*Do you set your watch a few minutes ahead? nope
*Do you bite your fingernails? yes
*Do you believe in love at first sight? yes
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