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Saturday - The wedding was sooo amazing. It was an outside wedding and the location was wicked pretty. It was only about 15 minutes long for some reason but that's fine with me. From 6:15 til 1 I was catchin' up with my cousins and that was good cuz' it's never "just us" anymore since I usually dont go to the Cape with my family, and my other cousin lives in Arizona. I called Cris a few time but he didn't answer. It was quite upsetting lol. I had no guy to slow dance with =[ so I danced with my aunt cuz' I'm that cool.

Sunday - Church I sat next to Ian and that was a fun time. It was "Children's day" so we danced and sang along with the younger kids since we had nothing to do. Dan came about an hour late haha good going Dan =]. Uhmmmm I got hugs =]. And I like hugs. Anyways Bill drove me home, and I just chilled til' 4 which is when I went to youth group. It was me archie sammy loren ben nathan and chip. Ben sang me the Corndog Song he wrote. I love that song. He also sang me another song that he wrote about a mountain that him and his friends hung out on and stuff, and then he wrote a few more songs. It was great he is such an awesome singer//writer. =]. Youth group Archie and I just called people the entire time. And I got more hugs which made me real happy. PLUS I HAD KFC FOR DINNER! <33

Monday - School was good, a few of my teacher's were absent, cooking was boring but we got choc. chip pancakes which are sooooo good =] Hmm what else. Haha study was great. Carlo got eight in. You weren't there so you wouldn't get it. =P. Uhm math was actually really good today. I finally got a 100 on one of his stupid test things =].

I found out orientation for work is a full week this year. WTF?!

on friday night one of the people i deliver the newspaper to died. unaware of that i still delivered the newspaper. upon noticing she wasn't moving when i put the paper down like she usually does i figured something was up. turns out i was the first one to see her dead, and that scares the hell out of me.

R.I.P. Mrs. O'Bryan
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