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Sooo after school Dinny came over and we chilled at my house for about an hour and then headed back over to the high school for RELAY FOR LIFE! cuz' Carlo asked me to visit him. We had water fights and stuff and Dinny painted war paint on my face. I ended up walking to the mall with it on my face and saw Scotty cuz' I told him I'd maybe go visit him and he was like... "you know you have paint on your face right?" and I was all... uh huhhh.

Uhm so we walked back to the high school for relay again, and I called Cris ((three times this week yayay)) and we talked for about 10 minutes cuz' he was going out.

Back at relay we were bored for about an hour and then the illuminary ceremony thing happened and they played 2 songs that make me cry except I haven't been able to cry for about a week. Like I can feel the tears coming but they never come out. Anyways we had to link arms so Carlo decided to claim my right arm and his left arm is mine. After that we walked around linked lol and Carlo decided to sit on me when I was lying down and tickle me. We got in a grass fight and because I was like.. attached to the ground all the grass ended up on me. Yeahhh that was interesting. Uhm Carlo attacked me n' Carlyn and Jill and Rebecca alot today but it's all good. All in fun lol.

I got lots and lots of hugs tonight. It made me really happy, and today was a really good day =]
Except after me n' my mom went to see the church that burnt down in Weymouth and I was almost going to cry because the church has ALOT of history in my family, but like before the tears never came out.

The Last Survey

Created by garish and taken 56 times on bzoink!

The Last time you..
Road in a car on the way home from relay
Drank Alcohol i think a monthish ago
Smoke Cigarettes/Weed never
Did drugs never
Had sex april vacation
got an I/M 5 minutes ago maybe
failed a grade never
Failed a class 8th grade
kissed someone at relay i kissed people on the cheek
hugged someone relay
talked to someone on the phone relay
talked to someone in person on the way home from seeing the church
Laughed until you peed Never..
slept last night
had your picture taken uhmm im not quite sure
took a survey (besides this one) a week ago maybe
danced like no one was watching the beginning of relay lol
slow danced QHS homecoming
went to a school game homecoming
needed a calculator in math
said said what
Last person you..
had sex with uhm to tell or not to tell
did drugs with no one
drank with my mom lol
kissed taylor on the cheek
hugged joe or carlo.. i think carlo though
talked to my mom
I/Med sean
fought with carlo
laughed with taylor joe and carlo
watched a movie with myself
had dinner with dinny and matt kinda
rode in a car with my mom
studied with britni and nicole for midyears
slept with (The non-sexual way) my stuffed animals
cleaned an entire house with i never cleaned my entire house... im to lazy
sang with carlo and joe at relay.. we swayed too lol
danced with (slow or fast) karen
got in a fist fight with carlo lol
went to a concert with my mom.. relient K w00p w00p
End of survey
Was this survey okay? sure

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