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I was in such a good mood yesterday until like 9:30 and then it died. I got so pissed off and drew the worst picture. It was so horrible, I wish I didn't draw it but then again I'm kind of glad I did.
Anyways I got an hour of sleep last night so I'm like... tired, and I stayed up until 1:30 talking to Carlo and Scotty, and then up til' about 3 doing the homework I've been failing to do and then I just thought for 2 hours and finally fell asleep. One hour w00p.
Today seemed to drag on but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. Uhm Biology wasn't that bad. And uhm I stayed after for the surprise party for Ms. Feener. I don't even have her, but she said thanks to me anyways? And hugged me. It was... different.
I just talked to Dan... I haven't talked to him in awhile and the conversation wasn't very good.
I'm talking to Britni. w00p w00p. Spanish extra credit due tomorrow God damnit. Oh well I got two articles from Lisa <3333333.
eight more to go.
Time to make dinner. =/


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