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List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.
1. Promise -- Matchbook Romance
2. Sugar, We're Going Down -- Fall Out Boy
3. Scars -- Papa Roach
4. Beautiful -- Avion
5. Gone -- TobyMac
6. Chariot -- Gavin DeGraw
1. Nicole G.
2. Jen
3. Joy
4. Laura
5. Alessia
6. Emily

"I miss how easy it was in elementary school when our biggest problems were who we wanted to trade our snacks with at lunch. Then we grew older, boys stopped having cooties and our best friends became strangers. In Middle School we learned that no matter how hard we try, life will make us cry-but we still believed that our friends could fix what made us cry. By then summers became our release-a time to relax and be yourself, a break from the life that is High School. A life that consists of unexplainable highs,-your 1st real boyfriend, finals,and most of all drama- but also depressive and seductive lows- lows that suck you in so deep that you barely escape." - uselesstears118

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