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What the fuck do I see in you. You like every other girl BUT me. I miss the "I miss you's" and the "I can't wait to see you" and the text messages everynight. Just a simple Good night from you or a Good morning have a good day baby would make me so happy and make me feel so worth while, and make my life worth living. BUT NOW because of you I feel like shit. I feel like I'm only here for you as someone to take everything out on. If you have a bad day I listen to you and I try to help you and it may not help at all but I still listen. I sit online waiting for you hours on ends and I haven't even talked to you in full conversation in a week, and I haven't seen you in about a month. That's real cool I swear.

I bet you don't even remember half the things you've ever said or done to me but I remember all of them. I bet you don't remember why we started hanging out or how we even became friends. or the story behind what I call you. I miss seeing you as a best friend instead of thinking of you as a little whore and as someone who could care less about me.

I guess this entry is to help me vent, but really... What the hell do I see in him?
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