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Yoooo... My internet isn't working so I'm at the library with Nicole.. and some lady next to me has the same name as me and it was creepy... She was talking to me.
And some guy at McDizzle's thought I was some chick named Maria. It was sooooo weird. I was like I'm not Maria? and Nicole was like... I don't think that's Maria... yeah maybe thats a "you have to be there" moment.

Last night I got a new fishy and Joshua decided to name it Monarch Butterfly.. atleast that's what I think he said. I played with the kitty's at PetSmart and I want one real bad. It was so fun lol. One almost scatched me cuz' I was teasing it =X BUT I was to quick for him lol.

And yesterday was NICOLES SWEET SIXTEEN WOOP WOOP! and we went to Shaw's and stuff and I fell off my scooter and went flying across the sidewalk thingy, and I sat there laughing at myself on the ground in everyones way for like 15 minutes. Yeah, I'm that retarted.

And I don't know when I'll be back on cuz' my internet has to be fixed so pleaseeee don't cut me for not commenting =]

And you should comment for me so I can comment for you when I get back =P
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