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likes to make my pictures small so
you can't see them...If you wanna
see the full size pictures IM me -> XXSilverTears

Amy Jenny Maggie Ian and Archie in the back
Amy and Maggie
Ian Archie Nicole and Me..I swear I'm not wearing Dan's coat and he's not wearing my sweatshirt :-X
Archie then Sam all serious like
Kevin and Chip ((just for Kay~Tee haha))
Courtney and Jenny
Courtney and Nicole on the ice.. They don't look cold I swear
Ian Chip and Dan
Ian and Dan
I swear we were ready for this picture..
.. and this one
Ian and Maggie then me all retarted like with a longsleeve shirt on and pants
Sometimes we like to fall on the ice and act like whales...
Dan is super cool all muscular like haha.. Us on the ice
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