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The safety course was boringggg I was texting the entire time =X. But I was still paying attention so it's ok.

So I sat around for awhile and cleaned for no reason cuz' Karen can't sleep over.

Around 3:30 I got a call from Shane saying that him and Ian might come visit and I was like okie dokie =]!... They never came.

So at like 6ish Mark came over and we hung out and played cards and stuff. He acts like an ape sometimes. It's kind of cool? Then at 8 Karen came over and we went to the park and met up with Britni. Britni has 3 very large penis'. Haha. So we stayed at the park til' 9, then we came back to my house and wrote on my walls with glow-in-the-dark paint so I have stuff written all over my room, which I think says BRITNI and MARK. but I'm not quite sure. So then we went to Britni's and then Burger King. Since Mr. B knew the guy at the drive thru window he only charged us for one meal, which was very nice of him. So anyways we came back to my house and Mark left. After Karen Britni and I played spoons except since we had no spoons it got turned into pens which evolved into lego's and Britni ended up just building with lego's. So uhmmm then we drew with the paint on their chucks so now they glow-in-the-dark. Then they left and now I'm here talking to Daniel and Mark =].

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