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firsts lasts nows

Created by x-o-k-t-o-x and taken 26 times on bzoink!

First Friend?Britni I think
First Kiss?Shane
First Boyfriend/girlfriend?OOO Joe.. but like actual boyfriend I guess I would say Tom
First obsession?Uhmm probably barbies lol
First Unrealistic Crush?Lance Bass
First Job?Paper route.. Yep that's cool
First F?F as in grade? 6th Grade I think
First cd you baught?Probably NSync
first sn?crzgirl2007
first tattoo?Don't have one yet
first concert?uhm savage garden or bewitched
first fight?i dont remember
first time you smoked?never
first time you drank?7th grade
First time you have been dumped?uhmmm may 15 '03
First time you have dumped sum1?Uhmmm Sept '02'
Last time you hugged?Yesterday at school
last time you kissed?a few weeks ago
last time you laughed?at the CSC
last time you snorted?like 8th grade?
last time you cried?last night
last time you drank?last night
last time you smoked?never
last time you yelled?earlier
last time you cursed?earlier
last memory?what?
last song listened to?In my life -- Ryan Cabrera
last cd you baught?Modest Mouse for Archie
last time you worked out?pssh in gym like forever ago
last fight?haha thursday
LAst obsession?Music?
person you were mad at?myself
last movie you rented?i dont remember
last time you apologized to someone?earlier
do you have a gf/bf?nope
what are you wearing?jeans socks red shirt red zip-up.. undergarments
whats your hair like?messy
whats your room look like?pink with tons of stuff on the walls
what are you thnking about?people
who are you iming?no one
what school do you go to?braintree high school
are you eating?nope
are you listening to music? what?ryan cabrera

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