January 23rd, 2006

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Today was so fun.

Half day of school.. shot snow men in physics. WOO. Pretty much had studies all day. good stuff..
Went to the plaza with Rob and Chris <3.
Beamed Nicole off the top of the head with a dime?
Wow, good times.

Bus to Quincy, then to Mattapan.
Walked from Mattapan to Ian's house. Not that bad a walk.
He sent his dog after me.. Yeahhh
Hmmm we chilled at his house, I wacked my head off the side of his bed about 6 times...
Met Natalie.. I'm pretty sure that's her name.
Went to Tedeschi's, then to Lindsay's then back to Natalie's.
I was supposed to go to the movies but I couldn't get a ride home so I just went to the movies and waited there for a bit.
While I was waiting I chilled with Derek kinda.
He's awesome!!!

Good day <33