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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[23 Dec 2005|09:31pm]

You and 3 friends are going on a cruise, but the ship crashes. You're deserted on an island. First, let's meet you and your friends.

Okay. So, what's your name?: Jacqueline
Friend #1 :: Nicole
Friend #2 :: Britni
Friend #3 :: Gooey
Who's the most likely to be the 'leader'?: I think Britni or Nicole, that would be great
Who's going to be the comic relief?: Gooey
Which friend would probably end up going insane?: Me
And lastly, which of you plans to kill the others? o.O;: LMAO Gooey or Nicole first I think

Alrighty. So, now. Let's find out more about the trip.
You brought one item. What was it?: a boat. lol jk uhmm a photoalbum <3
What did Friend #1 bring?: Cellphone
Friend #2?:
Uhmm what would Britni bring. Probably a blanket or something silly
Friend #3?: Guitar
Do you wish you had anything else?: yes
If so, what?: computer with internet or cellie i guess.. more friends?
Are you beginning to re-consider your choice of friends?: hellz no biatch
What food did you manage to bring, if any?: Cho Cho's lmao, uhm id try to bring an entire mcdonalds with me god.
What will you do for water?: if i got stranded on an island water would already be there...
And just WHERE do you plan on finding refuge to sleep?: ill make a hut

Trouble Strikes...
There's a body. Who is it?: Greg [i said id bring more people if i could so here ya go]
You look around. Someone's whistling. Who is it?: Anne
Someone obviously killed it. Who do you think it was?: It being Greg? Uhmm Probably Me Dinny Britni Heitman or anyone from youth group 
You see a wild pig run into the ocean, squealing. What do you do?:
Run like a pig after it
Ok. So you chased the pig, and beat the crap out of it. Why?:
Did the pig tell you anything?: Pigs don't talk
Now you need to focus. What are you going to do with the body?: Burn it, I hate Greg, that's why I picked him to get killed

You decided, as a group, to bury the body. But now, it's time to sleep.
Who's staying up to keep guard?: Britni, she'd scare anything off :-p JK I love you Brit
How many tents did you bring?: 9, and built some huts
Is everyone sleeping in the tent?: the 9 tents, yes, and maybe even in the hut
If not, where is the guard?: Keeping guard maybe?
Well, sorry. No one wants to be guard. You're up.: NICE 
And guess what? Everyone's sleeping. And a gun just went off. Scared?: ::yelps::
Do you run and wake the others? Or do you watch for signs of life?: Wake the others
Inevitably, you find a body. Another friend. Which one?: Sam
Damn. Not again? So. Your friends are sleeping... Who did it?: The pig's spirit
Well. You need to bury the body. Do you tell your other two friends?: Yes
Leaning against a tree, you watch until morning. Do you sleep?: No

It's morning. Your friends wake up, wondering where the other one is.
What are you going to do today?:
Do you think you will ever get off this island?: a boat
It's a nice day. Are you going to swim or find a way off the island?: swim
Deciding to take advantage of the situation, you, indeed, swim. With who?: My friends there, duh
While you and your friend are swimming. You hear a scream. o.o;:
Who, or what was it?: Probably Britni
Do you keep swimming, or find out who it is?: see who it is
Regardless of your decision, eventually you go look. Where do you look?: whereever britni is..
Heading that way, you find another squealing wild pig, and follow it.:
In front of you, you find a big... hairy... what?: orange
It lunges at you, but you and your friend know you have to follow the pig.: if it lunges at me.. wouldnt it be coming at me not away from me
But now your friend has just been eaten. You're alone. Do you go on?: i wouldnt be alone id have more friends remember
Running ahead, you see a light. What color is it?: light blue
Either way, it's the light of a fire! Who's by the fire?: other friends
You see a bunch of bodies laying around the fire. Is your friend dead?: nopers
If so, what do you do now?: ----
If not, do you take the friend and run, or just run on your own?: con mis amigos

Finally, when you start to run, something trips you. Where are you?: in a hole
Staring down at you is a big... what?: ghost
He tells you to get up. You do. He pulls out a knife and...: pokes a tree
But, he doesn't. He cuts the root that tripped you. You...: thank it
All your friends are there. Was it a prank?: nopers
None the less, you're alive. Are you happy?: yeahh
So. Be happy. You lived.:
i am i said
But what do you do to your friends for playing a trick on you?: they werent

[---cut along the dotted line----]Collapse )

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