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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 Dec 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | emo ]

Snaps for you if you read this.
I miss the Abingtree Crew.
I miss my college friends. a lot.
I miss writing good poems.
I miss old friends.
I miss East B-Tree//Quincy.
I miss kindergarten.
I miss summer days at home with... some people.
I miss work.
I miss good grades.
I miss Chip. Woah, WTF?
I miss the old me.
-The un-emo me.
-The caring me.
-The nice me.
-The loving me.
-The me he remembers.
-The me that didn't cry everyday.
-The me who didn't care what people think.
-The me who didn't need someone to feel loved.
-The crazy me.
-The happy me.
-The me who didn't care about what she looked like.
-The me who could have a conversation with him about anything without stopping.
-The neat me.
-The non-drama me.
-The long-haired me.
-The pretty inside me.
-The me who thought she didn't have so many flaws.
-The smart me.
-The me who didn't thrive for anything.
-The interesting me.
-The me that could talk for hours.
-The me that knew just what to say.
-The sixth grade me.
-The non-DSS me.
-The me people loved.
-The non obsessed me.
-The me I was when I was with him.
-And him.
-The one who would do anything for anyone.
-I miss me

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[20 Dec 2005|10:10pm]
memories of you reside in my mind
to the love you gave me, i was blind.
sometimes i wish you were still here
and that you were the one to care
when things were bad you helped me through
you're the friend that stayed true
but look at us now
i just want to know how.
what happened to the way we were
i wish things could be like they were before.

--yeah uhm, joy convinced me to put this in here.
and i love her. and that's my poem about... someone.
anyways leave feedback?
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