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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[12 Nov 2005|09:00pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Ashley. I am soooo sorry, I love you so much, you really don't deserve this, I'm here for you no matter what. <3

I probably shouldn't be putting this in here, but why not I put everything else in here.

O.K. So this probably sounds really really lame. The song Photographs by Nickelback reminds me of Shane and Dan, and it makes me cry. So I've been listening to it over and over for the past half hour, bawlin' my eyes out. I feel so lame crying over them. I got over Shane like 3 months ago. Tyler says I could still be crying over him in a year and a half because that's how long we were together. I don't want to be crying over him when I'm graduated, and off to college! And Dan, is already gone, and I don't want to like hime anymore, but I have to many memories. I hate that I'm like this so much, why am I like this?

Someone really needs to sign on..

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