November 5th, 2005

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So yesterday I pretty much made the biggest mistake ever.
I was fighting with my dad, and I was like "You don't even care about us, all you do is sit around on the computer all day, you don't even pay attention to me. I bet I could go get knocked up by some random guy and you wouldn't even care!!"
And my mom completly flipped out at me.

Anyways, we went to the cape for my birthday party with that side of my family. Turns out we are now in a feud with our neighbor's next door down there? Over something my family didn't do but they think we caused. So they were outside destroying our trees and plants and stuff, and calling us fat? Yeah, they're cool. Atleast we don't look anorexic. And he apparently uses steroids for his dick, cuz' he has a small one. I don't know my aunt's weird and was telling us all this random stuff.
Sooo, I drove from the highway to the cottage, and that was like.. a good 5-10 mile drive. :). I did a good job. Yayay.

Uhm, my family is selling the cottage, and when I was there yesterday I realized how much I'm going to miss it. Yeah, I hate the cape just cuz' I don't have any cousins my own age that live in MA. but like... I grew up there, and I don't want it to be out of the family. I wish we had enough money to buy it, and keep it in the family, I'm going to be so sad when we don't have it anymore. Plus, my aunt, her boyfriend, and my cousin would be moving to Worcester, and we visit them ALOT. And the only thing for me to do would be go visit Dan. That's not a bad thing though, but I wouldn't be able to go visit him myself, cuz' I can't get my license until March 1st.
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