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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[31 Oct 2005|08:58am]
[ mood | _sad still_ =/ ]

Yesterday was sooo much fun. It helped me get my mind off of things which was really good.
Sooo Karen and I went to Bugaboo Creek, where our waitresses name was Buttercup (not really though) and we got our loaf! Which is pretty much the only reason we went. Then Katie came and started eating one of our loaves like a sub. That was cool. After we went to Shaw's to visit Paul, and we got him in trouble :-/. While at Shaw's we saw Jeff! He's coming back to school :) And that makes me happy. Uhm after Shaw's we went to Roche's to visit Joe!! There we bought three things of fruit by the foot, a thing of kit-kats, a pack of gum, and a snapple. After that we walked and walked and walked and decided just to take the bus. So we took a bus to Quincy Center, then got off that and took another bus to Shaw St. From there we walked to Adam's Park, and then to Carlo's. At Carlo's, John and Jerod eventually showed up, and that was a really fun time. They're cool kids. :). Except John's really vicious sometimes. Yeahhhh. Anyways when I got home my mom gave me a dress? Which was really random, but it's for homecoming. It's long, strapless, and blue. It's pretty, but I sorta wish I got to pick it out myself. It was only 20 bucks, which is cheap considering the one I wanted was like $120.00 and I would have ended up having to pay.

So after I got my dress, I talked to Cris. I'm officially going to visit him on September 17th, instead of Monday cuz' that's so soon. And if these plans don't end up working like past attempts I will be extremely pissed off.

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[31 Oct 2005|11:47pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I really cannot handle this. I need to stop caring so much, and missing people so much. It just makes me worst, and feel like I have to fake my happiness. Yeah, that's not cool at all.

Right now, Friday and Saturday are looking like really good days for me.
Sunday I have to go down the cape =/
The seventeenth I am DEFINETLY going to see Cris. The plans are finally working out for me.

Tomorrow = permit test **runs and hides**
I've aced all my practice tests, but since tomorrow is the real thing
I think I'm going to forgot EVERYTHING, cuz' that's how I am when it
comes to tests.. And it absolutly sucks major bum.

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