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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[14 Oct 2005|01:39am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I want ALL my livejournal friends to tell me their birthdate in this entry =)
And anonymous commenters too =)


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[14 Oct 2005|02:17am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Carlo just made me so sad. I'm talking to him about the usual stuff and he goes "I'm going to miss you" and me being me I go "What do you mean you're going to miss me?" and he was like "After high school is over."

He made me cry! I hate that. He got me thinking about high school drama and friends that have been lost due to that drama. And that I'm going to miss everyone. And then Tyler was like "What's going to happen to our relationship when we both graduate and move away and lose contact?"

Why do my friends have to make me think?! I don't care if I've never met Tyler in my life, he's still an awesome friend just like Carlo. I can talk to them about everything and anything and I have no idea what I'm going to do without them after high school. Tyler's one of the smartest kids EVER and he could get into like.. Any school he wants to, and Carlo is one of the most awesomest(?) people I've ever met. I don't want to leave high school now! Now that I think about it I don't hate high school as much as it seems I do. I love my friends so much, even the ones I've drifted from. And I love my friends that don't go to the same school as me, that I know I have drifted from, and most of them are leaving in the summer of 2006. I don't want Dan and Amy and Lauren and Hillary to leave this fall cuz' I know I'm going to miss them just as much as I'm going to miss them just as much as I'm going to miss the class of 2006 and class of 2007.

OK... I don't even know what I'm writing anymore so I'm just going to go...

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[14 Oct 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so today my street and backyard flooded so you pretty much could swim in my yard and street. it was pretty sweet.


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