October 3rd, 2005

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Yesterday was work. I got 2 cups of fruit punch, and one cup of lemonade poured on me. Neh.
After work I chilled with Joshua and Anthony. I love them.
After chillin' with them I went to Harvard Square with Jenny to visit Anne. We went to Crazy Dough's ((sooooo good!)) and Hootannanny's. That is a freaking fun store. After we walked around and went to the river. RICE = ♥! U R CUTE. AHH g/tz, and then we went back to her dorm and talked and stuff. We left around 9:30, and Jenny and I went and got ice cream at Dairy Freeze. It was good. :-p

Thunder and Lightening storm last night.

Today we went to IMAX to see charlie and the chocolate factory, and the oompa loompa NEEDS to go away. The movie was pretty good, but I liked the first one better.

After work I chilled with Josh, and we went gangster, and then emo. Ha! I love that child. :)

Now I'm talking to Dan, Karen, and Tyler. Yayyyy.

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