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my heart hurts </3 [05 Sep 2005|08:54pm]
[ mood | _depressed_ ]

GEORGE'S ISLAND TODAY! Oh man even though it rained it was soooo much friggan' fun. More fun than last year just because of the rain. :) I loved it. So last night Lisa slept over and we had a good time with that. Yessss. We stayed up until like 3 talking about everything, and watching this 70's game show thing. Wow, that was a gay show.
Sooo this kid I know has a girlfriend....
George's Island today. Ohhh man. Tori, Nicole, Loren, and I spent the first like half hour trying to get back into the fort it was great. Uhm tunnels = tons of fun. AH WALL!! Haha we were sooo soaked. <33. So Capture The Flag was good, then we played Sardines and of course when it's my turn to hide they give up on it and trying to find us. It's all good though.
We explored for like a half hour and got even more soaked. yay for rain. So uhm that's about it.

TBS was fun. I enjoyed it for the most part. Well except the last 15 minutes. =/

Much love ;)

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