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Dedicated to Creepy Sue [02 Sep 2005|10:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Creepy Sue's
Secret Spot
I was supposed to go over Josh's but my mom was being a bitch and yelling at me so I didn't go. I ended up feeling bad that I didn't go ALL day so I was gunna take the bus but it ended up getting to late =(

So Me and Creepy Sue went to Nicole's and then Me and Creepy Sue went to some cookout, and back to the secret spot. We went to Nicole's again and I just got home from walking Creepy Sue home. It was a good time.

I still feel bad I didn't go but it's all good I suppose. =/

Anyone wanna chill tomorrow?

Chip thinks Creepy Sue is me. lolz

I'm talking to Creepy Sue and Mark.

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