August 30th, 2005

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A little late but I found my schedule

Period One Semester One - SAT ALG. 2 Days 1-7 Ms. Belmosto
Period One Semester Two - Focus Coll. Skills Days 1-7 Ms. Blundo
Period Two All Year - Spanish 4 Days 1-7 Ms. Noone (fuckkkk)
Period Three All Year - Modern World History Days 1-7 SOCIAL STUDIES X ((hopefully I get put into Flanagan))
Period Four All Year - Concert Choir Days 1-7 Ms. Hallenback
Period Five All Year - Basic Geometry Days 1-7 Ms. McBride
Period Six Semester One - Composition III Days 1-7 Ms. Kreinsen ((I have this with Joe I think =]))
Period Six Semester Two - Co-Ed GR. 11 Days 1-3 Mr. O'Connell
Period Six Semester Two - Study Hall Days 2,4,5,6,7
Period Seven All Year - Physics B Days 1-7 Mr. Swift

I don't think next year is going to be that bad. I hope not.
Today sucked ass. I'm "being punished"
My grades weren't fucking good enough for my family. Neither am I.
"Why aren't those C's B's and why aren't those B's A's?"
Fucking assholes I hate them.
You would think they would be proud of me for bringing all my grades up esp. Spanish but no! of course not, Jacqui's never good enough for them.
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