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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[28 Aug 2005|10:45pm]
[ mood | okay ]

OMGGGGG fun filled days.

yesterday was britnis surprise party which was awesome and i was dressed like a clown and scared the hell out of her and that was tons o' fun. i learned how to play poker and i did real good =]. i got color! yay! uhmm kelly allyssa britni nicole and i walked around my house attached at the arms which was kinda hard and we saw some real cool 8th graders.

them: hey nice light up flip-flops
me: yeah i know they're real hott UNLIKE YOU!

that made me happy.

nicole and i slept over britnis haha we were so tired but at like 1:30 we got soooo hyper out of nowhere it was great.

today i had grapefruit and pancakes and some egg thing britni made and it was actually really good. came home made plans went to the movies with the creeps plus dinny. some chicks told us we have to learn how to watch movies and we were like wow cool? then we went to BOBS!! lol and that was a good time.

tonight i went out with my mom and went to BOBS! to get me my clothes i picked out and i saw COLLEENIE!! and then we went to BJ'S! and i got food lol. and I saw KEVIN!! *gangster gangster* and i was like OMFG I KNOW YOU!

and now im here.. talking to nicole neffayyyy josh and some others.

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