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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[19 Aug 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Yesterday was Nicole's surprise party. It was a success =].
Tons o' fun. Nicole I love you=]. Britni I love you too =].

Today was the pancake breakfast which was odd. First that faggot lil' 8 year old was beatin' on me, and I don't even know the kid + he shouldn't have even been there. Then Archie killed me with a basketball by bouncing it on my face//head like 83965 times. And to top it all off Sam whipped a basketball at my face from like 5 feet away. That was cool?
Then I was off in the corner with Mick and Anni. I love those two tons. And then everyone kept asking me what was wrong. So now they care about me? Something's always been wrong and they just decide to ask me now?
The only ones I told were Ian and Britni because I love them too. Ian's one of the best people talk to when it comes to things being wrong, he knows just what to say to make you happy again, and he understands where I'm coming from =].
Anyways after everyone left it was Me Archie Britni and Mick and we chilled at the corner. Yeah we are that cool. And then Britni came over to see the bird in my yard. We decided to name him Ralph. Aww I feel so bad for him =[.
And then we ate and visited our dear Nicole and thennnn we chilled and after we went to Shaws and got some freskitos which is a spanish 'soft drink.' The pina wasn't that bad but the orange was disgusting. They came in pretty nifty bottles.

so yeah.

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