August 17th, 2005

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AHHHH I'm going to die next year.

1. I don't have a history teacher.
2. I'm in the wrong history class.
3. I have ms. noone again next year. DIE >:-O
4. I have no classes with Carlo.
5. No classes with Nicole.
6. No classes with Katie.
7. No classes with Kelly.
8. I have frickin' Ms. McBride..
Good things!
1. Gym = one semester ysssssss.
2. One English class with Joe.
3. Matt, Dinny, Karen = love in gym like last year <3
4. Tori's in my Spanish class.. I think lol.
5. Math with Neffie w00p!

I'll post my schedule when I find it again lol
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