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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[01 Jun 2005|03:44pm]
[ mood | i have fangs. ]

fuck fuck FUCK!!!!

viewer's with virgin ears... i'm sorry about that. But anyways my brother is this close || to going to military school or boarding school or whatever, and if they can't afford driver's ed. for me then how can they afford to send him there? yeahhh what the fuck? And now my grandmother is flipping out at my mom because my brother isn't at sylvan today when he doesn't go on wed. anyways. WHAT THE FUCKKKK it's $6,000.00 a year to go there and now they want him to go twice a week how the fuck do they expect us to pay for that. we can't even afford to move. If he didn't get sent there for the past like four years I bet by now we would have been able to save up and have ALMOST enough to move. That would make me soooo happy right about now. Or atleast if they could send ME somewhere instead of my brother. My entire family life revolving around my God forsaken brother and it is REALLY pissing me off. All I want is to MAYBE not be a fag and be scared to call Cris. I just want it to be senior year so I can get out of this house. I hate it here so much. No one can ever now, except for maybe Carlo and Shane, how much I hate my family. I hate putting a fake smile on everyday and I hate pretending I'm happy. I hate that I feel like physchiatric help, but my brother's the one who gets it. I don't even understand right now why cutting yourself is so bad. Yeah I understand if you do it enough you end up bleeding

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