May 30th, 2005

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pass un spud =]

I love Anne and Archie. Today I went to the carnival with them and it was tons o' fun =]. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I saw Alessia and Taylor and Sean and Conor there... and I don't remember the other childs name so his name can be Derek for now.

Last night I was on the phone with Carlo for 2 hours. It was interesting but I liked having a phone call that lasted more than 5 minutes for once. I haven't had one of those in about six months so I was like YAYYYYYY PHONE CALL!!!!! =]

Uhmmm back to school tomorrow =/. I have rehearsal on Friday night for an hour and I don't really want to go but I'm going to anyways. I'm glad that this week is only a four day week.

                                                                ...I just want to be with you...

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