May 26th, 2005

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Last night and earlier today were probably the best days I've had in awhile.

Uhmm 2 days ago I talked to Kathie and Miranda =D... Who are some more friends I have from New Hampshire =]
I was bummed because I didn't get Cris' letter yesterday. =[
But anyways I made dinner and I burnt myself like 892635632 times but it was OK cuz' after I went over Loren's house! With Nicole Edwin Nathan Shane Joshua Archayyyy Steve Sam Bill and Loren obv. His apartment thing is sooo cool. There's like.. a quad in the middle of the entire area. I wanna move there so badly now.

Uhm school was good. I was 15 minutes late to math cuz' Carlo tripped me trying to get his notebook back =/ but it's all good except for the minor bruises I got. Oh wellz. So Neffie and I just decided to walk around then go get a pass back to class. Uhmmm Spanish was OK and uhm History I just talked to Neffie like usual. I love how I'm getting an A- in that class when I barely pay attention.
So after school I came home and I stillhaven't gotten his letter and I'm gettin' real bummed about it cuz' I love mail and I've been pumped to get mail. So after school I went to the square with Nicole and Britni and it was real fun. Just like old times, and I'm real pumped for Saturday =].
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