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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 May 2005|02:33pm]
[ mood | okay ]


Yesterday MCAS sucked ass. I swear I got the hardest test ever and I hated it, cuz' I had no idea how to do half the problems and the last question didn't give me enough information to figure out =[.
I skipped English and half of Spanish with Carlo yesterday, and in History we watched Napoleon this week.
Uhmmm Cooking we made cake and ate it today and it was really good.
concert like woahCollapse )

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[20 May 2005|09:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So I was talking to Carlo online and he was at the library so I decided to be a really good friend and walk him home. Little did I know that would turn into a pretty big adventure with my dear friend. It all started with him telling the guy at CVS that I have a young child underneath my sweatshirt... and ending with his remote breaking. It took us about 2 hours to find him some gummi worms, and I missed my mouth when I went to drink my soda. He told me mouths can't move so he made fun of me ='[. Nguyen called me and was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH CARLO!?!?! and I was like... walking? and he was all I saw you three times! It was kinda creepy...

So uhmmm he was supposed to be grounded so I technically wasn't supposed to be over but I was anyways. We listened to musica and then he called his moms work and they said that she left and was heading home =O. So we went to the park and he called his aunt and mixed up like 826359278 numbers. It was great. So anyways uhmmm we went to the park and then we found out that his mom wasn't going to be home until 11 so we started back. We called his house on my cell so if his mom called the line would be busy and when we got back and listened to the messages we found out how retarted we really are but the messages were friggan' awesome, and we both wished that we were able to save them but if we did he would have been in trouble =[ and that wouldn't have been cool at all. So anyways we watched EUROTRIP and that is a really funny but perverted movie ::scotty doesnt know:: and it's seriously stuck in my head now. After he got mad cuz' I called Xavier ((his duck)) a chicken multiple times and he decided to attack me. His remote ended up breaking, so he spent the time trying to fix it instead of attacking me ::yyyeeessssss:: and so then my mom came and now I'm here. =P.

Karen I'm sorry I didn't go. =[

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