May 13th, 2005

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Well these past few days have been interesting. I know I wasn't on hiatus for very long but oh well I don't care.

So anyways. Wednesday was TBS and that was good, except Shane threw pretzels at me? Yeah, pretty random... I think it was because I was making fun of him cuz' he pronounced Bermuda--BOORMOODA. It was kind of sort of funny. But anyways that's all that happened I think. Oh.. Chat room with Corey. =]. I think that was Wed...

Thursday I uhmmmmm... I don't remember. School bleck, and then went to Sally's and DQ. OH! LMFAO CARLO NICOLE AND I GOT KICKED OUT OF THE MEDIA CENTER FOR A WEEK! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fist fight with Karen, and I sort of smacked Rebecca across the face. Katie didn't go to school and I was sad ='[

Friday.. TODAY! Tonight's going to be boring cuz' I don't think I can do anything and everyone's gunna be at the mall or whatever. Neh.

I have to clean but it's worth it cuz' Karen will be sleeping over manana. IF SHE ASKS *cough cough*

I'm wearing Carlo's chain =D

and I haven't talked to him in over a week. I don't want to complain but I have to vent and I can only vent to him. =/
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