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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 May 2005|06:14pm]
[ mood | icky ]

O.K. was good. History was O.K. Cooking made me sad cuz' nguyen stopped talking to me =(
bio was boring as usual.
then there was gym. I got real sad cuz' mike ditched us so we played with laynie and andrea.
I got compared to many things

1. Tarzan
2. A fire hydrant
3. A boy in "da hood"
4. Other things I can't quite remember.

Nicole and I *secretly* called Shane. But Nicole said it so fast no one could understand what she said.

Math sucked cuz' I bombed a test. Except after was so good. English I didn't do my homework but she didn't check it so it was OK. and uhm Spanish sucked ass cuz' I actually studied and still got a 59. Damnit. And Katie thinks she's cool and called me a cockatoo..

Uhmmm after I went to South with Nicole and we talked to Mr. Fama, and she finally met Alessia. w00p w00p. It wasnt a good time cuz' everyone was running around cuz' Mr. Landis is stressed about the play etc. etc. etc.
Then I fought with my mom, and went to McDonald's with Nicole, and saw Lauren Michelle Cori Janet and Paula. w00p w00p.

Now I'm here and I don't really feel good, and I'm not having a good night so far but maybe it'll get better later.

And after some discussing with Karen, I've decided I want to dye my hair.

1. Black with burgundy tips
Then my ideas..
2. Burgundy with black tips
3. Brown with red highlights ((what I've wanted for a while))
4. Brown with blonde highlights (( like how I used to have ))

Hmm, any ideas//suggestions??

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