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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[02 May 2005|06:53pm]

Today was a good day, last night was a frickin' awesome night.
I found out that I'm going to visit Cris for 4-5 days. I'm already excited about it.

Today the best class had to be... Study. I don't care if it doesn't count as a class, but Carlo and I just talked and talked and talked. About like.. everything. It made me happy.
Then I came home did route and then went back to the school.
I went to Nicole's softball game VS. Milton. I was kind of upset that the guys game was at Milton instead of at home but I got to hang out with Jerod and Carlo which was a real good time so it's O.K. That also made me happy.

Uhm there is some stupid Cali Girl Barbie commercial on TV and they have horse dolls that you bead their hair... O.K. Then.

What happened to good old fashioned Barbie's. Now they're going all out with them. I'm sort of surprised they don't have "goth barbie" or "gangster barbie" yet. Oh wellz.

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