April 10th, 2005

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Today was a good day. Way better than yesterday. So uhm, I went to church with Nicole and sat next to Maggie and Shane. During the service Shane and I were talking, and text messaging Nicole who was like 2 people away from us, so it was pretty pointless. Yes that was an interesting church service today.

Anyways Sunday School we were gunna skip but we didn't, instead Shane Joshua Archie Sam Nicole and I skipped Chip's class and went to Bill's. =). I've decided that I'm going to go to that class now, cuz' Chip's sucks ass.

Anyways I came home and felt like crap so I slept and text messaged people for about an hour and a half then came online and went to youth group. Before I went to Friendly's and I got there with it and Chip goes "You shouldn't be obsessed with that you should be obsessed with excercising" and I was like Thanks Chip call me fat and lower my self-confidence/esteem level even more. . . Anyways, I heard Shane and Joshua's rap about Quincy High and I loved it. It's really good, so if you're planning on dissing it without hearing it, just don't.

Youth Group -> Maggie Ian Joshua Shane Steve Danny Kevin Amy Jenny and some other people. At one point I told Shane I hated him because he said that I only have imaginary friends. And I kicked him. Except I had flip-flops on so it didn't really affect him. . . hmmmm. . .

After I went out to eat, and uhm I took pictures after. There is a picture in here for K-Dizzle Fo-Shizzle and one for Karen and Britni
Pictures from youth group and Quincy <33Collapse )

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