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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[26 Mar 2005|09:41pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

My God today was so fun.

Well, paper route wasn't cause I didn't see Alessia cuz' she's never up but that's ok...

Then I came home and dyed my hair. I like it. <b>Alot</b>

So, today I was going to go to visit Bill at the hospital and we get there and they tell us he's on discharge =/. Thanks for the info chip. . . Uhm, then Nicole and I went to the mall and we had so much fun. I forget half the stuff that happened but my God I enjoyed that time.

There was a guy on a leash. . . He was like 89... Yes Nicole he was really on a leash.
And we saw tons of people running around, one guy had really big hair and it was bigger than Ryan's.
Also some girl had massive hair like 2 feet tall.
And some like 5th grade goths. That was great. Like HaRdCoRe goth.

At McDonald's I stabbed Nicole in the eye with a fry, and then tripped her cuz' she stole them from me.

When I got home I found out I was going bowling with some homies of mine.

It was Liz, Karen, Britni, Dinny, Jill, Amanda, Brian, and I, and there was Amanda, Dinan, Steph, and some other people I don't and that was a really really fun time.

We got there and we had to wait so Britni was trying to win candy from the machine and she won one piece. Then a 4 year old wins to much she can't carry hahaha it was so good.
I didn't bowl the first round cuz' I suck but I bowled the second got a score of 38 cuz' we weren't even being serious about it, I lost to Britni by 1 lol.

Well, the ride home listening to Spice Girls, and S Club 7 was fantastic. Wow, we dance soooo awesome haha.

Britni and I did a little jig =)

Now to top it all of I am sitting here talking to the stars in my night sky Christian =D so I can't finish.



I know I left alot of details out but it was so funny that I couldn't type it all.

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