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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Mar 2005|07:43pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Soo today was good..

Math first.. I don't know, I didn't may attention at all like usual so I have no clue what's going on, and I gotta do my like 4 make-up HW assignments.
English-- I got a 54 on vocab. Then we did the labs.
Spanish we watched that movie and they suck fuck alot. Katie and I laugh. It's kind of incestful.
History was good. I don't remember what happened but it was good cuz' it's always good.
Cooking we made waffles and Carlo's mad cuz' I owe him apple pie but we haven't made it yet.
At lunch (C) Carlo got in trouble like 900 times by Ms. Kelly.
Biology, at the beginning Carlo attacked Nicole for hitting the coke into his mouth or whatever, and him getting a spot on it lol. Then uhm we had our test and Nicole and I worked on our labs and talked to Mike even though we weren't supposed to cuz' he still had a test.
In study it was Carlo, Rachel and I, and the librarian is racist I swear. Me and Rachel could be like screaming and she would yell at Carlo. Then Carlo was all "WHY DO I ALWAYS GET IN TROUBLE?!?!" and she was like "BECAUSE OUT OF EVERYONE YOU STICK OUT" and he was sitting with a group of 5 white people. I think that's racist, but maybe that's just me.

The librarians let us out like 10 minutes early so Carlo and I just walked around and he kept saying sexual induendos (sp?) such as me being a cheerleader for 6 years really means i was a porn star, and yeah.

After, I came home and "chilled" for an hour and a half, then Carlo and Jerod came over. OMG It was so fun. We had a tea party that was really interesting. And Carlo was looking for food and in my pantry thing he was like "Banana Cream pudding" **sexual inuendo** ...Banana...Cream... Do you like Banana Cream. Yeah it was interesting....

Jerod: My meat tastes like crap
Carlo: MY MEAT IS RAW!!!

carlos eyes are crunchy...

haha I love them. Then Nicole and Lisa came over and we got Britni and the 6 of use went to the square. On the way up we saw Lauren so Carlo Jerod and I talked to her for like 15 minutes. After McDonalds we went to Brook's then Loco's then Carlo and Jerod went to BK and I went home.
When they were done there they came back over for about 20 minutes to get their backpacks and hang for a little bit longer and someone called me, but Carlo answered. So the guy who called me was really really confused and was like... Did I call you or you call me? and Carlo was like "Uhhh you called me" It was fun. And after Carlo put more sexual induendos (sp?) which he was ban from....
haha wow Jerod Carlo and I need to hang out more, they're so awesome =)

So now I'm here watching Fat Albert...
1. Give your cell phone number to your friends list. 2. Don't answer any calls that you don't recognize, allowing your friends to leave you messages. 3. If your friends-list is as awesome as mine, they will leave hilarious messages, jokes, songs and riddles in your voice mail, and some will make you guess who they are by giving hints. The secret is to NOT ANSWER THE PHONE unless you recognize the number and have to answer! MY NUMBER IS: 7816357968

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