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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[13 Mar 2005|06:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hahahaha today was sooo good =) I went to Sunday School and Joshua was like HANG OUT TODAY MY PARENTS RAN AWAY FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND!! so I was like UH OK.... So after he came over, and we went on myspace for a real long time cuz' we are like addicted. And my cousin came over and had cheeseball cheese all over him.

After, Britni came over and Me Joshua and her watched Carrie AFTER Britni made Barbie's have sex with each other which was really scary. EVENTUALLY Nicole came over, and we watched the end of Carrie, and headed off to Britni's to get money.

At the train station ((waiting for the bus)) Britni was trying to hit the sign with snow and it took her like 20 minutes to get it haha. Since it was Nicole and Britni's first time on the bus we were trying to convince them that we got on the wrong bus and that it was going to flip over haha it was fun. When we went to get off there was this old guy with a deformed nose and he started talking to us.. Here's our conversation ->

Man: "Do you girl's know the shake-n-bake dance? My daughter gets 1,000's of dollars a day for the Shake-n-bake dance. Can you do it for me?" **starts doing shake-n-bake dance**
Nicole Britni and I: "Uhm... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" **real scared**
Man: "My 7th wife died last week"
Nicole and I ((Britni was turned around laughing)): "Oh uhm.. we're sorry??"
Man: "
Shake-n-bake dance!!"
**bus doors open**

OMG! I have never ran off a bus faster than I did today, I tried soooo hard not to laugh haha. Maybe it's a "you have to be there moment"

So anyways then we walked to Wendy's, but went to visit Shane at work, with his awesome LiMe GrEeN vest for collecting carriages first.. At Wendy's the guy behind us was staring at Nicole and Britni cuz' they were really loud, and then when we were eating they were giving us dirty looks and when they left they flipped us off and we were all "Great date... Wendy's five buck meal haha." And then we left.

On the way to youth group Josh was pressing the button on his phone and Britni was spazzing out because of it. It was real funny. And Joshua was going to "jump" Shane, but Britni yelled his name because she wanted Shane to beat up the guy from Wendy's hahaha. G/Tz. Uhm let's see we walked to Chip's and he drove us to youth group which I don't feel like writing about.

And now I'm here =)


Comment please??

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