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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Mar 2005|12:35am]
[ mood | confused ]

I like how the only people I feel like I can really trust don't even live in the state I do. I just realized that. . . I know I can trust people here but like, whenever I say something it always gets out somehow, but if it gets out to the people that don't live in the state people aren't going to know me for the most part and probably could care less about me.

Contestant number one -- It sucks cuz' I only see them 3- times a year and isn't online much. =(
Contestant number two --  I haven't been able to talk to since like January, but I know I could call them whenever but I don't. . . and that sucks too cuz' I miss talking to them they were cool. . . And yeah. . .
Contestant number three -- Sometimes I call them or they call me, and write letters and stuff to each other but for the most part haven't been able to talk to alot. I should probably call them tomorrow or something, I probably won't get around to it though =(

ANYWAYS! Click the cut...

I [el-jay] cut =O (( i def. stole that idea from nicole=] ))Collapse )

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